Deep in the foothills of the South African Maluti Mountains lies Clarens, a utopian village guarded by the majestic Rooiberge sandstone cliffs.

The mountain ranges, which surround this leafy haven, boast incredible rain bowed strata of purples and blues – one of a kind formations that perfectly reflect the bright energy of this beautiful region.
Clarens Inn Backpackers provides accommodation for adventurers with the first step in the countless journeys of discovery, relaxation and exhilaration which the famed “ Jewel of the Eastern Free State” has to offer. From the vibrant hum of the town streets to the stunning views of the Golden Gate National Park, the area surrounding Clarens is always intriguing and exciting. Whether you desire careering down hair-raising 4×4 trails, traversing the many peaks which highlight the expanse, or simply basking in the glorious climate – rest assured that the landscape of Clarens is spectacular enough to accommodate all.